Trunk – An App Store for Evernote

Evernote has gone from an awesome note-taking application to a memory platform where various applications can hook into it through it’s API.

As a next evolutionary step, Evernote has announced the next extension in their platform – Trunk.

Trunk is essentially an Evernote App Store. It’s sole aim is to showcase applications, hardware and platforms created by third party developers that hook right into Evernote.

As with any successful App Store, Trunk aims to make it easy for Evernote users to find services, applications and hardware that work with their favorite note-taking application. It also works the other way helping developers get their products and services out to Evernote users.

The recent version of Evernote for Windows and Mac have gotten a new tab called Trunk. You can click on that to see this newly added section to Evernote. Trunk is coming soon to Mobile Web followed by Evernote for iPad.

At the moment, you will find nearly 100 items across 5 categories – Mobile, Desktop & Web, Hardware, Gear and Notebooks.

Some of the products getting highlighted are – Voice2Note,, Quicktate, Nitro PDF Reader, Zeptopad Planner Note, Read it Later, Seesmic, etc.


Another new feature is that you can import custom branded notebooks from various publishers into your account.

If for example, you choose theMake:Projects Home and Garden notebook, Evernote will add a notebook full of great do-it-yourself projects into your account. In Evernote that notebook is more than a piece of static content, it’s a starting point for all of the other DIY projects you come across. The same is true for the Cool Hunting Travel Notebook. The editors of Cool Hunting have collected lots of useful travel tips into the notebook, and that same notebook is also where you can place your own travel ideas and related research. What makes these branded Notebooks so intriguing is that all of the content represents the jumping off point for your creativity and exploration.

Evernote shines in the ‘Freemium’ business model where they offer a fully functional free account with storage limits and then offer affordable paid upgrades to their service.

I continue to use and love Evernote thanks to the Evernote iPhone app making it really easy to input and maintain my notes. What do you think of Evernote?

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