Free HTML5 Online Editor: Aloha Editor

HTML 5 is gaining steam so fast that a lot of folks are interested in getting on board this fast moving train.

If you have been looking for a HTML5 editor, here is a quality free one.

Aloha Editor is a free downloadable browser based HTML 5 editor that is designed to be lightweight and easy to use.

You just install Aloha Editor in your web server as this editor is also built on HTML 5. Having been built on HTML 5 has its own advantages as you get context menus, easy table creation and text editing without markups. The WYSIWYG capability of AloHa Editor is supposedly 80% faster than TinyMCE (used in WordPress admin) and CKEditor in performance tests.


It gives the WYSIWYG capability for editing content dynamically in accordions, sliders, tickers, captions or descriptions of images in slideshows. It is touted as the worldโ€™s first full featured editor that lets you edit content in place!

Once you start editing you donโ€™t have to reload the browser to see the changes. With Aloha you are working on the final document.

Are you still using tables? With Aloha you can inset tables very easily. Hitting tab key will jump you cell to cell and hitting tab in the last cell will add another row.

Aloha produces clean HTML5 code and you can even integrate it into your own application.

I am really interested in integrating this somehow in my WordPress blogs so I can make live changes (as long as I am logged in to the site that is) on the site with this editor.

Any talented WordPress plugin authors want to take up this challenge? ๐Ÿ™‚

Try Aloha Editor

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  1. Stas March 7, 2011 at 10:52 am #

    For HTML5 i suggest free HTML/CSS editor Codelobster PHP Edition (

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