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Originally posted 2007-03-16 14:22:49.

I don’t pay for software anymore! I use open source software for Windows that are free for most applications. Gone are the days you had to pay for software like:

  • Anti-virus
  • Firewall
  • Email client
  • Photo Editor and the likes..

The lists of free software for windows are countless on the Internet and could overwhelm anyone trying to wet their feet in this realm. Here are a couple of links to get you started if you would like to stop spending money on Norton, Mcafee and others.

A simple list of best in each category: Open Source Windows

Another list with more detailed information.. listing 2 or 3 three best software in each category is from Tech Support Alert’s “The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities” article. When you are over there don’t forget to check out other top software lists. I think it’s a very comprehensive compilation of free software.

Although I winced seeing IE 7 listed as the best browser, as a consolation he does mention Mozilla Firefox as an equally good software. I would vehemently state that IE 7 can play catch up with the tabbed browsing capability but cannot match the 1000s of extensions that make browsing with Firefox such a great experience. But, I digress.

Let us know which open source software you might come across and may be not in the above lists.

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  • Fahad

    Yeah, the tremendous amount of extensions available for Firefox make it an excellent and easy browser to use. There is an extension for almost everything that you could possibly need! :)

    Fahad’s last blog post..Check Pagerank of all Internal Pages on your Site

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  • Zath@Technology Blog

    I’m becoming a big user and fan of free, open source software, I typically use on a daily basis…

    Firefox, / Gimp
    VLC Player

    I’m always looking for new ones too, so thanks for the links!

    Zaths last blog post..Gadgets Too Small For You? – You Need Lady Hands!

  • K

    Zath, our computers probably look a lot alike inside! :-)

  • Daniel

    Oh, open source is not freeware and vice versa
    Freeware means “free of charge” as in you pay no money

    Opensource means the source code of the software is open for others to change ( under certain limitations ). The owner of the code is FREE to do whatever he wants with it ( including to sell it for example )

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  • cathy jade

    Many thanks to    I am having a hard time to find free softwares like anti-virus, photo-editor etc.  I tried the adobe online and it is free.  Now, I can always access all my softwares online even if I am in other PCs.  Do you have suggestions for free video softwares?