Can Your Small Business Move to the Cloud?

Cloud computing isn’t new but it definitely is gaining steam. Google has been pushing it’s cloud computing offering Google Apps a lot lately.

In fact, my wife uses Google Apps for her freelance work and is very happy with it. It is free for limited use but it usually is plenty for small operations like hers. She gets 50 email accounts with the free Google Apps account that she can tie it to her business domain name.

If you have considered switching to cloud computing instead of hosting your own web servers, email servers, etc., Google has a handy tool to evaluate, atleast approximately, how much you stand to save. has been setup to do just that. You enter the number of employees and Google shows how much you save by switching to Google.


You get to see what kind of savings and productivity increases you will see as you keep clicking Next. And finally, if you would like to take all this info and share it with your colleagues, Google generates an unique URL for the presentation you just saw.


You can download it as a PDF, or a presentation slide or save it to your Google Docs and share it online.


Go ahead and see what results you get for your small business? Would you be comfortable trusting your data with Google? Lots of universities, hospitals and even Government agencies seem to.

One Response to “Can Your Small Business Move to the Cloud?”

  1. Nashville homes for sale November 17, 2011 at 10:18 am #

    When I first read about Cloud Computing I didn’t get a thing but its a necessity. Its one of the best and safest way to work efficiently and fast. Today I feel that Cloud Computing is a must.