Are You Ready For Holidays Tech Support Duty?

If you are a techie, you probably get cornered for some computer help by your friends and relatives. Especially when you are making the rounds during this holiday season.

A relative nicely shows this nice blue screen of death in his/her latop and asks if you can quickly take a look at it.


[image by russeljsmith]

So instead of trying to avoid the situation and then end up doing it anyways, how about getting a little bit prepared?

What if you had a tool kit under your belt that you can whip out and just get to work right away?

Lifehacker has put together an excellent post on how to go about fixing a computer

  • When a computer won’t boot and needs re-install
  • When a computer is clogged with adware, spamware, malware & crapware

The article has excellent to-do list and links to useful tools and articles to help you troubleshoot any kind of computer problem. With a couple of CDs/DVDs & USB drive, you will be able to get started really quick and get the whole thing done before the dinner is ready.

Happy troubleshooting!

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One Response to “Are You Ready For Holidays Tech Support Duty?”

  1. Nashville homes for sale November 5, 2011 at 1:21 pm #

    I’m not a techie but can handle small computer problems so I’m interested in this post and yes, definitely the tool kit. Still an amateur so I’m certainly checking on this post for further information. Thanks!