ImgBurn – Excellent LightWeight CD/DVD/Blu-ray Burner

I have had this useful utility in my list to share it with you for a while. And here it is:

ImgBurn CD / DVD / Blu-Ray Burner Software

ImgBurn is a lightweight swiss army knife of a free media burning software. I used to use the heavyweights like Nero, Roxio, etc but ever since I found ImgBurn there is no turning back.

ImgBurn handles just about any kind of media you can throw at it for burning

  • CD
  • DVD
  • HD DVD
  • Blu-Ray

ImgBurn also supports a wide variety of image file formats

  • BIN
  • CUE
  • DI
  • DVD
  • GI
  • IMG
  • MDS
  • NRG
  • PDI

You can use it to build DVD Video discs (from VIDEO_TS folder), HD DVD Video discs (from HVDVD_TS folder) and Blu-Ray video discs (from BDAV  / BDMV folder). It supports unicode names so using an international character set works flawlessly as well.

ImgBurn Blur-Ray Burning software

One of my favorite features of this versatile application is the image queuing system while burning several images. An easy-to-use layer break system lets you selection for double layer DVD video needs.

It can detect the ‘Media ID’ and set an Automatic Write Speed right down to a drive by drive level.

ImgBurn Blur-Ray Burning software

For regular users, ImgBurn offers an easy to use interface to get the job done quickly. For advanced users, it has tons of configurable settings to get the most out of this excellent free tool.

What’s New in v2.5?

ImgBurn just was released in v2.5.0.0 and you can see all the new features in the changelog here. Here are a few that caught my eyes:

  • Advanced input mode offering total control over disc layout
  • Adds ImgBurn to context menu’s ‘Open With’ for associated files
  • Create DVD File feature can now make DVD files with MediaType field set to CD
  • Checks if all the files in the DVD sequence are present before burning

Download ImgBurn

How to Make ImgBurn Portable?

I love portable apps for my flash drive. ImgBurn is not available in a portable format but it is very easy to convert into one in a few quick steps:

  • Download ImgBurn installer .exe file
  • Unzip the installer file (SetupImgBurn_2.5.0.0..exe) into a folder like ImgBurnPortable. Use something like the excellent 7-zip.
  • Delete the $PLUGINSDIR folder
  • Delete the [NSIS].nsi if you have it. (I didn’t have it in v2.5.)
  • Create an empty file ImgBurn.ini
  • Create a shortcut to ImgBurn.exe in your desktop (anywhere for that matter)
  • Right-click and open Properties. Change the command line to something like C:/ImgBurnPortable/ImgBurn.exe /portable

If you are looking to try out a fast and lightweight yet versatile media burning software, look no more! If you’d like to explore more free open source software, check out the OpenDisc project that features some of the best free open source software in one CD download.

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