TV Guide for Your Live Web Events – Live Matrix

The Web is no longer static pages of text and still images. It’s alive with tweets, tweetups, live video conferences, uStreams, live-blogged product launches, webinars, live auctions, virtual world meetups and events, time-limited sales and contests, live audio and video podcast recordings, live chats, and more. And it’s all happening in real-time. (RWW)

I get most of my technology news through one of these Internet media these days and hardly visit traditional news sites. One example is the upcoming Apple’s WWDC Conference where Steve Jobs is most likely announcing the 4th gen iPhone.

But, you have to be watchful on Twitter, favorite your RSS feed, put an entry into your Google Calendar so as not to miss the live events you want to follow online.

What if it happens in a different time zone while you are sleeping or if you are at work? ‘

Live Matrix is a web service, co-founded by the entrepreneur Sanjay Reddy, that helps you better manage this kind of scheduled events. It’s a TV Guide for the web based events.


Live Matrix lets you save events and create reminders for the events,  It also had a Digg-like buttons for each events and has scores and ranks events by algorithm that ranks events based on popularity and velocity.

It also has a RSVP system that can send you reminders by tying into your personal calendar like Google Calendar, Outlook or iCal. As an event organizer, you have access to widget based advertising, demand and attendance tracking tools.

Also, events have check-in capabilities that integrate with Twitter and Facebook along with comments.

Live Matrix is in closed private beta right now but you can sign up for an account and wait for approval.

Live Matrix is a service I need today.

[via RWW]

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