Minimalist Online ToDo Manager – TeuxDeux

I have been through a lot of online task managers but there is still something lacking in every one I have tried. May be I get bogged down with the application being too complicated aka feature-rich.

TeuxDeux is a minimalistic and simplistic web application that lets you manage your to-do lists easily.

Once you sign up for a free account, you see a very simple interface. You can type in tasks for each day of the week. Also, you can add tasks to Someday list.


When you are done with a task, you just strike through the task just like you would on a paper.

The coolest little feature is that when you haven’t marked a task as done for the day, it will automatically get added to the next day.

Also, you can drag and drop tasks to another day but the auto postpone makes it so easy to not look back in the past.

I like the simplicity of TeuxDeux and giving it a shot for a little while.

I have been a great fan of Remember the Milk for a long time but I am always up for new ways of improving my productivity.

With TeuxDeux looking and working just like a paper diary. TeuxDeux is free to sign up and use. If you are looking for a new yet simple way to manage your daily tasks, give TeuxDeux a whirl.

TeuxDeux developers say they are  also working on an iPhone app. That would be a lovely combination to use with the web application.

Try TeuxDeux


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