TeuxDeux Online Task Manager Part Deux

TeuxDeux is a beautiful, simple and elegant online task manager. I did a TeuxDeux review here before.


TeuxDeux was popular for its easy to use AJAXified interface. It worked just like an online paper calendar. You can easily add tasks to certain dates on the screen. Each task gets scratched off as you are done. You can also move tasks by drag n drop.

TeuxDeux has undergone some nice changes since we look at it last earlier this year and added some new features.

Task management has gotten easier . We have a nice fast forward button to click and go a week ahead. Or you could pick a calendar frame to look at. A nice touch is an organizing column for your ‘Someday’ tasks so you can add non-dated tasks.

Check out this video on the new features in TeuxDeux.

TeuxDeux Part Deux from TeuxDeux on Vimeo.

TeuxDeux also has a companion iPhone app for $2.99 that syncs with your online account.

If you are not into GTD or don’t need an extensive task management system like ToodleDo task manager or Remember the Milk, the free web app TeuxDeux is edefinitely worth taking a look at.

{ via lifehacker }

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