Passpack Comes to Mobile Phones

Passpack is my choicest online password manager and I trust it with a lot of my data. You can read all my Passpack review and related posts here.

i have written a lot on why I trust them and will skip trying to convince you that it is secure. Instead, this post is for Passpack users.

Passpack works great on all major browsers but the web interface is very hard to use on smaller mobile smartphone screens.

Passpack has unveiled a mobile interface and it is delicious! But, before you complain about the little bugs there remember it is still a work in progress.

Here is what you can do right now

  • Go to and sign in.
  • View, add and manage your passwords
  • Send secure messages and read archived messages
  • View and (partially) manage your shared users and groups
  • Update most of your account settings
  • Setup your mobile favorites (from desktop) and they will be unpacked as you login
  • By default, it won’t unpack anything except mobile favs
  • Select unpack all or choose a tag to unpack.

Here are a few things Passpack is still working on

  • Autologin
  • Sending & receiving passwords via email encryption deactivated
  • Bulk edit & group management
  • Better navigation
  • A new cool way to access Passpack without the long packing key

Passpack Mobile has been tested on iPhone Safari browser and Opera Mini. If you have an Android phone, give it a shot and let me know how it works for you. It worked great on my iPhone!

Although I would love to see a Passpack iPhone app, the mobile interface is a great improvement over the current full blown site.

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