PassPack Gets Secure Sharing & More Features

Passpack is an online password manager and I consider it simply the best one at it. I have used it since its infancy and trust with all but my most sensitive passwords.

If you are new to PassPack, I have written a few articles on Passpack and welcome you to read them if you like

If you are still wary of storing your passwords online, check out the topic ‘Host-Proof Hosting‘. It basically means even Passpack staff can’t peek at your passwords stored in their servers. It is encrypted and decrypted in your computer with your key. But, that’s another topic for another day.

Lets look at the new features released in Passpack 7.

New PassPack Features

Secure Sharing

Passpack now lets you securely share passwords with other Passpack users. This can be very useful to small businesses and organizations where you can safely store, share and manage passwords, pins, codes, registration numbers, etc.

  • A single repository of passwords – much safer than spreadsheets
  • Deploy passwords for a central control panel
  • Manage user permissions – read only or read/write

You have to register a nickname in your Passpack account. And you can start sharing passwords with other people who have done so. You have to know their nickname to start sharing.

passpack 7

More New Features

  • Automatic Saving – a huge time saver and helps if your browser crashes. It can be optionally turned off.
  • Search Tags and Filter – a slight interface redesign, moving these to the left.
  • Quick Filters – This new section lets you see your passwords based on different filters
  • People tab – Your shared users + option to invite users. You can also rename people in your People tab.
  • Home tab – New design with tutorials, videos and a things to-do list
  • Click to Copy – A very useful feature. When you are in the main password list screen, click on one of these little icons to copy that data to clipboard!
  • Entry Details Screen – This screen has a new design as well. Laid out much nicer and the notes window gets 2 more tabs – Options and Sharing.
  • Password Suggestions – You can find this nifty tool under Tools menu
  • Import – You can now import passwords from KeePass and Clipperz

Among the other password storage services, Passpack continues to innovate (secure sharing) and lends a keen ear to their users and implement those much needed improvements.

I am glad I started using Passpack for just remembering passwords for web services I was registering to review here. Today, it has totally relieved the pressure to remember so many day to day information for me and my wife. We comfortably turn to Passpack to store information we both would tend to forget.

There are a handful of web apps I can’t live without and Passpack is definitely one of them.
[via Passpack blog]

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6 Responses to “PassPack Gets Secure Sharing & More Features”

  1. Francesco Sullo May 13, 2009 at 3:24 pm #

    I am very happy that you appreciate the new Passpack 7 features.
    Thanks for your enthusiasm.

  2. K May 14, 2009 at 8:27 am #

    Francesco, glad you weren’t put off by it! Passpack is the kind of web app this very blog exists to talk about. Useful everyday of your life.


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