Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for PassPack

PassPack has become indispensable for me to keep track of usernames & passwords for various services I use. I did an extensive review about this awesome service that goes beyond just managing usernames & passwords earlier.

Here are some keyboard shortcuts that makes using PassPack such a breeze.

  • Press 1 & click the star on the top right corner to activate 1-click login.
  • Press r & click on a tag to replace or rename a tag account-wide.
  • Press e & click on a tag column to edit. Don’t have to open entries to edit tags. Auto complete works too.
  • Press d & click on an entry. No warning or confirmation dialog. Be warned.
  • Open an entry. Press h & click on scrambled password field to look at password history.

Passpack is one of the few services that have a blog that is not just for announcements but actually filled with tips & tricks and instructions. Plus, Tara Kelly & Franscesco are always there to answer your questions or take feature requests.

Did I say this is all for free?

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  • IngaOz

    Aaaaaa…. help! Your Contact us form dont works for me (I got finally that secret word for your contest) – every time I try to write something in there it redirects me to subscribe page…

  • Brown Baron

    Just in time too. I’ve been getting grumpy over the fact that I have way too many passwords to rememeber :evil: You just saved me. Thanks buddy!

  • Bunk

    Very nice post! Love any application that simplifies stuff such as this. Cant beat the free price as well.

  • K

    IngaOz, sorry about that mishap but thanks a ton for letting me know about that problem. I tried to do some last minute things last night before I had to head off to a conference today and apparently messed up some code. I have fixed it now and extended the deadline for others too to email the secret code.

    Brown, anytime for you! :-) An online password manager is probably a must in a bloggers toolkit. It certainly is useful for anyone using a handful of web sites which require registration.

    Bunk, welcome to ShanKri-la! And thanks! :-) PassPack is one of those well thought out applications that is simple and elegant to use. I am a big fan of free. You are in my blogroll now! :mrgreen:

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  • andy@water filters

    Thanks for the great review. This is definitely more than your average password management tool…much more. I’ll be using it soon.

  • Ted

    So…its similar to roboform then? If so, do you know if it has the same security concerns as roboform?
    .-= Ted´s last blog ..Logitech G9 =-.

  • K


    Passpack is different from the rest where it encrypts your data in your browser before it is sent to their servers and you hold the key to that. So, it is relatively more secure than storing passwords encrypted in the server where the service provider holds the key.

  • Darvin @ Ionic Air Purifiers

    This sounds interesting, but I’m a Roboform user as well, and I’m not clear on why you’re saying Passpack is better.

    Are you saying that eliminates the threat of your ISP (or someone who works for your ISP) from accessing your passwords?
    .-= Darvin @ Ionic Air Purifiers´s last blog ..Ozone Air Purifier – Warning! =-.

  • Angie

    I keep all my passwords in an excel spreadsheet and it is not that easy. I will check out this PassPack. Thanks for the post.