Popular cameras on Flickr

Now that you are hooked to Flickr after reading my posts here and here (wishful thinking!), now you can see how popular or unpopular your camera is at Flickr!! This is a new section they have added.  It could be useful for someone about to spend their years savings on a camera to see what is popular amongst some photo lovers.

I use a Canon SD450 and I can’t say enough good things about it! For such a compact camera it packs so much ooomph in it. Looks like it is doing pretty good in the Point & Shoot category even though the SD600 has been gaining a lot of popularity.

What blew me out of the water is the fact that Canon has totally dominated the Point & Shoot  category and has 3 spots out of 5 in the Most popular cameras section as well.

What camera do you use?

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