– One number for life

This service has been around in beta for a while, but now is in it’s final weeks of beta testing.

You have to read this article in New York Times about the website I won’t reiterate all the details because the NYT article explains how this works very eloquently and I won’t do justice trying to say it all again. But, here is a teaser to get you interested in the article I’ve linked to:

  • How would you like one phone number for life?
  • When someone calls you, all your phones would ring. So no matter where you are, you are always available! (I wouldn’t actually like that but wait there’s more..)
  • It’s free for 2 numbers and your voicemails would be stored for 30 days.
  • You can soon pay $15/mo and get several numbers hooked to GrandCentral and store the voicemails indefinitely.
  • When you answer the phone, it announces who is calling either from your phonebook or from Caller ID so you can ignore my calls.
  • You can listen in on the voicemail someone is leaving and answer it in the midst if it’s about your house being broken into.
  • You can record any call and use it to blackmail later on (I suggest you don’t try it on me) or just to listen in on the driving directions your friend gave you.
  • This is something that seems to be available everywhere but US. Your callers will hear the ringtone that you have set on your phone. I like that.
  • And there’s other cool things about it..

Last time I checked they did not have this service in the area code I was in. They do now.. woooohooo! I have just signed up for the free service and I will post more on how I like it soon.

If you try it, please do share your thoughts on it.

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