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How about a featured site every week here at ShanKri-la? Let’s see how this goes!

It’s no secret I’m all for sweet deals. I love to save a buck or four and spend it on things I don’t need! There is no dearth of websites that claim to save us money shopping on their website. But, does seem to have something going for them.

Go to JellyFish!

Their motto is ‘we share’. And they really do. They pass on half of what they earn through our purchase back to us. An Excerpt from their webpage:

This is our cash back promise: WE SHARE at least half of every $1 we earn when you shop and buy products using

There is a nice picture on their site showing how they are able to lower their price. When I searched for ‘Digital Cameras’ I got a few results but mind you, they haven’t been around that long but once the word spreads, I believe they would become a big player in the price comparison segment. I for one am going to keep an eye on how they come along and try to make it one of my stops while shopping around for deals.

That’s not all, they have yet another interesting and fun concept.

Smack Shopping – Live Shopping Game Show

JellyFish’s Smack Shopping claims to be internet’s first live shopping game show. Every show they feature four items and we get to vote which product we would like to see on the show. Here is the rest of the story from their FAQ:

Every business day (we don’t like being here on weekends) at 1pm EST, we will announce a new product being sold by one of our Jellyfish merchants. Then the fun starts: Every second we increase the amount of cash back savings you’ll get when you buy the product until the product quantity is sold out. That’s right, the deal will get better every second you wait, but don’t wait too long because once the product is gone, the deal is over.

I subscribe to their RSS feed about the daily deal here at:

Past deals show some significant cash back amounts!! Let us know if you get in any of those sweet deals and make sure you share the love!

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