Safari 5 New Features

Yesterday was the big day when Apple Santa Steve Jobs announced the 4th generation of their beloved iPhone model dubbed as iPhone 4.

At the end of the day, they had also silently unveiled the next version of their flagship browser – Safari 5.

Safari was recently showing off its HTML5 capability in the Apple Showcase we featured here.  Let’s take a look at what Safari 5 brings in terms of new features


Safari 5 New Features

  • Safari Reader – Removes annoying ads and visual distractions and gets you the whole story. As you browse the web, click the Reader icon to see a clutter-free view of the article.
  • Greater HTML5 Support – Full-screen view and closed captions for HTML5 video. Location services are also enabled.
  • Better Performance – faster Nitro Engine runs Javascript 30 times than Safari 4 , 3 percent faster than Chrome 5.0 and twice as fast as Firefox 3.6 on a Mac.
  • Bing Search – Not sure how big this is to most people but they have added Bing Search in addition to Google and Yahoo search.
  • Smarter Address Field – aka Chrome’s Omnibar.
  • Hardware acceleration support in Windows
  • Improved Web Inspector

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