Apple Shows Off HTML5 Demos in a Showcase

Apple, Steve Jobs specifically, have taken aim at Adobe Flash. It is old news that Flash was blocked from Apple iPhone and iPod Touch and Apple iPad more recently.

And in a recent interview at D8 Conference, Steve Jobs said that they place their bets on the technology that’s in their spring season of their growth (HTML5) and Flash is definitely not.

Following up with that, Apple just unveiled a showcase to show what HTML5 can do with this new technology.


Apple’s HTML5 showcase highlights 8 different sections and demos

  • Video Effects
  • Web Typography
  • Web Gallery
  • Photo Transitions
  • Audio
  • 360
  • VR
  • Pixel Manipulation

This is a pretty impressive demo showcase showing what you can do with just browser technology without any special plugin like Flash or Silverlight.

I was really impressed with the demos. If you have wondered what’s with all the hoopla about HTML5, Apple has put together some fine examples for this new web standard. Go, check it out.

Apple HTML5 Showcase

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    Reading this post makes me remember Steve Jobs, after all these important developments Apple fans were looking forward for the iPhone 5 and then the sudden death news of Steve Jobs left his fans in shock. Apple’s HTML5 was a great success which proved helpful for users.


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