Send Files Upto 2GB With WeTransfer

We all hit the universal email limit when trying to send files across the Internet.

For the the tech savvy, you might have a FTP server running and will give that info to someone who speaks FTP and download it.

Sometimes, you may not know how or just won’t have the time to deal with the technicalities like making your Firewall let FTP traffic through, etc.

WeTransfer (beta) is a simple and free file transfer service that lets you send you files upto 2GB in size. You don’t even need to sign up for an account.


You see one little form. Pick the file you want to send. Enter your email and that of the recipients. Type a message and hit transfer.

WeTransfer will hold the file for 2 weeks and sends an email to your recipient with a link to download.

There are plenty of sites to send large files across but is a cool and easy name to remember.

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