WordPress 3.0 Download is Here! + New Features

After months of development, WordPress 3.0 code named “Thelonious” is finally here!

I am sure you curious about the new features in WordPress 3.0 and here is a few important ones

  • WordPress and WordPress MU have merged – manage multiple WordPress sites from one WP installation.
  • New default theme – Twenty Ten
  • New custom menu management feature
  • Custom header and background APIs.
  • Bulk updating of themes with an automatic maintenance mode during the update
  • Shortlinks support
  • Improved Custom post types and custom taxonomies
  • Themes to style visual editor
  • Improved revision comparison UI
  • Adds FunnyorDie.com oEmbed support
  • Changes to comments UI
  • Tab indenting and multi-line tabbing in theme editor
  • Tag Cloud widget to support non-tag taxonomies
  • New templace files – front-page.php, single-{post-type}.php, author-{nicename}.php, author-{id}.php, taxonomy.php.
  • Tab interface for Manage Themes and Install themes
  • Improved child theme support
  • Bulk Plugin update

The list of new features in WordPress 3.0 and is nice categorized here in WP Codex. I highly recommend taking a look at it.

Download WordPress 3.0

It looks like it’s gonna be a long night upgrading several of our WordPress blogs to 3.0. I will come back here with my impression on 3.0 as soon as I gain some experience with it.

Here is a WordPress 3.0 New Features Video

[via WordPress blog]

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