Online CRM Software – How to Choose One?

Customer Relationship Management has been traditionally done by robust solutions by big ERP vendors as a part of their enterprise offering.

When CRM used to the focus for just l large companies, it worked well. Now, the barriers to such great tools are being broken down by online software solutions. This has made the entry accessible to mid-sized and small business interested in managing their customer relationships.

Going out and buying a CRM software package usually proves to be expensive. This is partly due to the fact that CRM software not only comes with the software purchase cost, they also entail hiring technical experts in configuring the software to the business needs, maintaining the server it runs on and updating the software on a continual basis. All this adds up to a whopping figure making this a back-burner solution when it comes to cutting costs.

Online CRM Software

Online CRM software, on the other hand, proves to be an excellent bargain. When you buy a web based CRM software not only do you get the benefit of saving costs, your CRM functionality is available wherever you go thanks to the Internet.

When it comes to choosing am Online CRM software solution, you want to make a decision on whether you want to run the web based software in-house or if you want a hosted solution. Hosted CRM means someone else will run the software you are interested in and you just pay per user or for a certain number of users. Hosted CRM has many advantages as you don’t have to worry about maintaining or updating the server, software, etc.

Online CRM Software Reviews

If you started out looking for cloud based CRM software, you are going to find it hard to zero in on good online CRM software reviews. The main reason behind this is that there are several established players in this market as well as several entry level CRM software solutions available.

Based on the interest I see here for Online CRM software, I am going to start posting web based CRM software  reviews here. In fact, I also have an open ear for those interested in hearing about social CRM and open source CRM software.

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