ShanKri-la reviewed and some bragging

RT Cunnigham at Untwisted Vortex graciously accepted to review ShanKri-la and offer some suggestions. Better yet, he posted the review at Untwisted Vortex. RT, thanks for the excellent review and the link love! If you haven’t been to Untwisted Vortex, it’s definitely worth a stop and I know you’ll be hooked.

I am looking at changing to a 3-column theme and maybe adding some unobtrusive ads. We’ll see how that goes this month.

RT also posted his metrics and its amazing the progress he’s making. He doesn’t stop there but he takes everybody along in the ride like helping out ShanKri-la with his review. So, I got curious and looked at our metrics and was really surprised to see the blog worth. The last I checked more than a month back, it was about $500.00. Today, it is $54,760.38! I owe it to the Technorati favorites exchange that boosted my Technorati ranking into the 50,000 range. I remember starting out at 1 million something.

Did I just win the lottery? Not really.. I don’t think I am selling my blog or anyone would be interested in buying it either. But, it’s fun to watch it’s worth and it is motivating in a weird way to blog more.


My blog is worth $54,760.38.
How much is your blog worth?

Here are the ShanKri-la metrics as of June 3, 2007:

Technorati: Rank: 48,329 Authority: 97

Alexa: 412,326

Blog Worth: $54,760.38

Blog Juice: 2.2

I have to say after installing the Alexa widget in the blog, my Alexa ranking has been getting better. I know there are mixed feelings about this among the SEO fans and I’m sure there are other factors that might have been coming into play. But, I’m really sure it has positive effect on the ranking.

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