Weekend fun and some updates

I have been just overhauling the blog with some nice additions. Hope you like it..

Contact Us

We now have a ‘Contact Us’ menu option. Please do drop us a line about anything! We would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and comments.

Subscribe to comments

We should have had this all along, but it was my oversight. Now, you can subscribe to comments and tune into the current discussions here!

IE problem fixed

Thanks to Garry Conn for letting us know that the site was not displaying the sidebar in Internet Explorer. It was some embedded html that got into a post that was breaking it. I found the problem area by doing some XHTML validation in www.validator.ca website.

I try to check the blog in Firefox, IE and Opera now and then but I guess I have to make it a weekend chore. Our apologies to anyone who saw this problem. We do love you. I have re-installed the Copy as Plain Text firefox extension which had somehow gotten de-activated.

Call the bluff

This is pretty fun.. (it only changes twice every day at random.. but visit the site for more fun bluffs)

blufr: bruising your ego one bluf at a time

add blufr to your page too!

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One Response to “Weekend fun and some updates”

  1. Ed May 1, 2007 at 6:14 pm #

    I just installed blufr on a video page I have as some extra entertainment. Thanks for the tip. I would be interested to see a new theme, this is quite good already!