FARK.com – Filtering the Fark Out of News

If you have not heard of Fark.com by now, you have to come out of that hole you are hiding in, right now.

It’s now news – It’s Fark

 What is Fark, I was asking myself. Is it an acronym? No. It’s just a name possibly a substitute for the F-word coined by an outstanding fella named Drew.

Fark is what fills news when the mass media runs out of news. Fark is stuff that when the news outlets report about stuff that make you scratch your head and wonder ‘how the hell does that help me with my quest for news today!

It is one of my favorite sites and in my must read list of feeds. The news are mostly user submitted with clever and witty titles to go with it. It’s worth it just for that. But, the categories vary from dumbass, obvious, asinine, stupid, sick, cool, amusing, etc.

Here are a few sample headlines that were hilarious today!

Asinine: Dutch priest fined for early morning church bell ringing. Points out that it’s not uncommon for men to ring their bells first thing in the morning

Amusing: Cop was having sex while on duty, but court acquits him of charges because he was in constant radio contact and could have responded to any emergency

Amusing: Because your “first time” should be special and memorable, be sure to use lots of candles so the fire brigade can be there to congratulate you and the media can put your naked, sooty photos in the paper

Strange: The two-toed sloth is still on the loose in Lansing, MI. Everybody walk for your lives (second article) – From the town I work in. 🙂

Silly: Pornstar Mia Rose no longer welcome at “World Of Warcraft.” It appears the geeks at Blizzard Entertainment didn’t appreciate “World of Whorecraft” as much as others did

Scary: Man frustrated because hospitals refuse to help him. Which is bad, because he’s limping around with a bullet in his groin

As you can see, the titles themselves can be funny, thought provoking or downright revolting than the news itself. Now, I wish if only I can come up with titles like that for my posts!

Fark, Dilbert and Fake Steve feeds my daily hunger for some humor.

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One Response to “FARK.com – Filtering the Fark Out of News”

  1. Brown Baron August 18, 2007 at 4:29 pm #

    I think I might need better titles too haha.