Google Spreading Some Free WiFi Holiday Cheer

Google was in the news recently for announcing free Wi-Fi to all passengers on Virgin America flights this holiday season.

Now, they have extended the free wi-fi offer to passengers traveling via these 47 airports in the US. So, if you one of the millions who will be spending time at airports around the US getting to your family or traveling on vacation, look out for Google signs in the airport.


You can connect to the Google’s wi-fi offering for free!

Of course, if you are an AT&T iPhone customer, you already have free wi-fi at the AT&T Wifi hotspots around the airports in the US.

Also, if you are traveling on Virgin America flight, you can enter a photo contest by submitting your picture of using Google Wifi or a participating airport. Your photo will be featured at plus you could win some cool prizes.

Happy wifi’ing this holiday season!

[via Official Google blog]

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