Happy New Year 2010!

I wish all my readers a Happy New Year!

2009 was a great year for this blog and in turn me. I am humbled that you have stuck around and supported this blog.

I hope to share all kinds of useful and fun information that I learn with you throughout this year.

2010 New Year Fireworks Pictures

I am always fascinated by amazing fireworks pictures especially the ones during the New Years celebration tend to be grand!


Image by Dave_B_

Here are a few places I enjoyed viewing through the New Years festivities

Boston Globe’s Big Picture

Only Boston Globe can put together such a high quality pictures of New Year celebrations from around the world. A must see, IMHO.

My favorite has to be #16 shot in Berlin!

Flickr New Year 2010 Pictures

Flickr has tons of pictures from last night’s New Years celebrations from around the world from millions of people. It is pretty amazing to view those and I spent hours looking through them.

Of course, my recent Canon Rebel T1i (canon dslr deal) purchase has a little to do with my interest in seeing how people are achieving this incredible pictures.

If you are also interested in taking such awesome firework photographs, here are a few how to take fireworks pictures tutorials.

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