LogMeIn Express Free Screen Sharing App

LogMeIn is an excellent PC remote control solution. It has both a free and paid PRO version that lets you remote control your computer from anywhere with just a browser and Internet connection.

LogMeIn even lets you remote control your desktop from your iPhone with the LogMeIn Ignition iPhone app.

Now, a lesser known free beta offering by LogMeIn is their LogMeIn Express service.

LogMeIn Express is a simple screen sharing web application.

LogMeIn Express enables fast and simple screen sharing and remote control of one computer with others. You get a session code as a host and you can share it with a number of people.


Your guests just need to the Express website and enter the code to view your screen. No software required for the guest! It even includes easy-to-use chat capabilities.

The connections are end-to-end 256-bit SSL encryption. As a host, you can also grant permission for a guest to remote control the session.

LogMeIn Express can be a solid alternative for quick and easy remote sessions than compared to the full fledged screen sharing services such as WebEx or GotoMeeting.

The host machine has to be Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 or Server 2008 (including 64-bit). And the viewer machine needs to have Flask 9 or 10 installed.

What is your favorite screen sharing solution right now?

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