Flickr Gets Facebook Integration Right

I have been a big fan of Flickr since it’s early days. We have had different ways of posting our Flickr pictures to Facebook through either Flickr apps or Facebook apps.

Flickr has now added a much-needed social networking integration to its popular web service.

You can now easily post pictures to Flickr and Facebook at the same time. Once, you add the Facebook and Flickr integration from your Flickr Account, any Flickr picture post with public privacy setting will be posted to your Facebook wall as well.

image (img credit: Flickr blog)

How to Enable Flickr’s Facebook Sharing?

  1. Go to Flickr services page
  2. Connect your accounts
  3. Make sure you turn off old Flickr-Facebook integration. (Facebook->Wall->Options->Settings->Flickr->Remove)
  4. Remove any 3rd party Flickr integration

That’s it. Now anytime you post a photo to Flickr with public sharing, your Facebook wall will automatically update with a thumbnail of uyour Flickr photo, title and description.

This also led me see I had authorized a couple of dozen services to access my Flickr account. Perils of trying out new web apps for reviewing. I unauthorized all those but I use currently. It’s a good idea to check this Flickr services once in a while.

[via Flickr blog]

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