Share Your Flickr Photos on Facebook

Do you use Facebook and Flickr? They have both been walled gardens even though they are both such a powerful social networking tool.

With my renewed interest in photography after purchasing my Canon Rebel T1i, I post a lot of my pictures on Flickr. But, the only way I have been sharing my Flickr pictures with my Facebook friends is by copying the odd picture URL to Facebook.

Not all my friends that I would like to share my recent pictures are on Flickr. I am sure I am not alone in this predicament. Not anymore.

FlickrTab is a Facebook app that lets you add a tab to your Facebook page that lets your Facebook friends view your Flickr pictures right from Facebook.

Once you authorize the FlickrTab Facebook app to access your Flickr account, you can add ‘My Flickr’ tab to your Facebook profile page. The go to FlickrTab configure page to set up your search and settings.

The app can only see your publicly shared images from your Flickr account.

You get a ton of search and sort options through the Flickr API in this app. So, take a little bit of time to determine which of your photos you want to share in Facebook.

For example, you could potentially create a ‘For Facebook’ Flickr set and share just that and keep the rest just to Flickr.

This integration is so nice that my Facebook friends can leave comments on the photos right from Facebook or they can click on the photo to come over to Flickr and make it their favorite or leave comments there too.

There are a few more solutions for integrating Flickr with Facebook and this is just one of them. I will share other ways as i experiment with them.

What is your favorite way of sharing your Flickr photos in Facebook?


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