45 Free eBooks for Developers and Designers

I just mentioned the free online book Dive into HTML 5 yesterday.

Today, I came across an incredible article listing 45 free ebooks for Developers and Designers. I had to instantly bookmark it as well as share it here with you.


Some of the interesting books I found here include

Check out the full 45 free ebooks list here from Speckyboy.com.

One Response to “45 Free eBooks for Developers and Designers”

  1. Breakaway January 28, 2011 at 12:10 pm #

    Long time reader here… I love most of your articles, but this one was absolutely fantastic. I downloaded a dozen of these and plan to go through them. Knowing the basics of PHP is just enough annoying and frustrating because i can do some things but not a lot of higher end things. I have also wanted to learn javascript and one of these books is perfect.

    Thanks a ton!