How to Add Dropbox to Windows 7 Start Menu?

I love Dropbox hacks and write them as and when I encounter one.

I use Windows 7 on my desktop besides using our new 21.5” Apple iMac. And Dropbox is one of the first applications I install on any operating system!

How-To-Geek has shared how to add “My Dropbox” or any link for that matter to your Windows 7 Start menu.

Windows 7 Libraries have a Recorded TV link and this hack just renames it to Dropbox folder giving you easy access to it.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Customize Start Menu by going to ‘Properties’ (right click on Start Menu)
  • Set ‘Recorded TV’ to be displayed as a link
  • Right Click on Recorded TV and change its name to My Dropbox.
  • Right click on the My Dropbox and click Properties
  • Change the Library location to your Dropbox folder
  • Optionally change the ‘Optimize this library for’ to ‘General Items’

This hack enables you to quickly find your Dropbox folder via Start Menu by mouse or by keyboard by search.

Check out this post for even more Dropbox hacks.

[via How to Geek]

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