Find Out-of-Touch Gmail Contacts With Etacts

I am a heavy Gmail user and not shy about sharing my email with people I meet and want to stay in touch. This means I wake up to 20-30 emails every morning and go through a bunch more during the day.

With all this chatter, I have lost touch with a few people who I would have liked to have stayed in touch.

Etacts is a free web service that helps you keep track of people and shows you who you haven’t been in touch for how many days.

You login with your Gmail credentials and Etacts pulls your contacts and quickly shows how long it’s been since you emailed your contacts. Plus, it ranks your contacts based on your past email frequency and it seemed right on the spot with my friends.

It can also track conversations and remind you to contact them again. To sweeten this, you can also create multiple emails to various contacts from one screen and send them off simultaneously from Etacts.


Etacts Features

  • Stay in Touch – number of days since contact
  • Track email responses
  • Conversation Logging
  • Mass messaging
  • Organize contacts into groups

Etacts also makes it easy with bookmarklets and browser extensions that aid in using this web service.

Etacts is an incredible tool for personal and small business use and it is FREE! So, login and see what kind of information have you been missing these days about your Gmail contacts.

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