Comprehensive Comparison Spreadsheet of All Known Android Phones

When it comes to choosing an Apple iPhone, we got you covered in our iPhone blog.

However, when it comes to Android based phones if you start looking into the selection available to you, I guarantee that your head will start to spin.

The good folks at Portable Electronics Ltd, a New Zealand based electronics distribution company has built an amazing massive spreadsheet with all known Android devices!


The kind souls have shared this spreadsheet as a publicly available Google Docs spreadsheet.

The Android devices are separated based on the year of their release with the ‘Android mobile phones 2010’ as the first tab. You will even see other categories where Android is in use such as Netbooks/eBooks, PMP/MIDs, TV & even Cars.

The spreadsheet has information on processor, architecture, frequency, ROM, RAM, Internal memory, dimensions, weight, touch screen, 3G and a dizzying array of information about the devices.

Android Devices Comparison spreadsheet

So, before you start shopping for an Android phone make sure you compare the specs and features available as they can be hard to compare just by looking at them.

{ thanks to Portable Electronics Ltd }


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