Firefox Extensions: Picks of the Week 09-04-09

Some people ask me how I can keep writing about so many new Firefox extensions? I can because thats how great the Firefox community is.

There has never been a time when I found it hard to find new and cool extensions that I wanted to talk about. Here we go with some more awesome add-ons!

  • Close’n Forget:  We can use Clear Recent History button to remove cookies, browser history, cache, etc. But, what if you wanted to remove tracks of just one website you have been to? This is the extension you need. You can even configure to remove cookies, history for even a whole domain when you close a tab.
  • MeasureIt: If you are web developer in any sense of that word, you will find this little tool that lets you draw a tranparent marker in a web page and lets you measure any elements easily, awesome!
  • Flickr2Twitter: (Experimental) Adds a simple button to the flickr button-bar, allowing one-click sending of the flickr image page link to your twitter status update page.
  • Shrunked: Forget resizing your images before you upload to a site. With this add-on, when you click the upload button and select the file, you will now be given an option to resize to any size you want. This will save you a bunch of time as it reduces the steps in that workflow.
  • Play Them All: Are you a music fan – listen/download to a lot of music files on different web pages? Play Them All can look at all the mpr3 links in a page and creates a .m3u playlist. You can open this file in music players like VLC, Winamp, etc. Songbird music player can also create playlists from any page.
  • TwitterFox: Like Gmail Notifier? TwitterFox is just like that. It shows recent Twitter updates by clicking on an icon in Firefox status bar. You can also update your status right from there. You can find me on Twitter too.

Of course check out my Top Firefox Extensions to find some of the all-time best add-ons!

Greasemonkey Script of the Week

Gmail in Blue: Professional skin: Gmail sports a bunch of different themes now. I still find the default skin the fastest but I get bored with its standard look. This skin overhauls that look tremendously! Check out the link for screenshots and the details of the changes you will see. Or simply try it and see if you like it.

Firefox Theme of the Week

DarkVista is my choice of the week for its nice stylish grey buttons and hues. It is actually in silver-gray with blackish buttons. I like the authors description that even though this fits Vista so well, even a Linux geek can use this theme.

darkvista firefox theme

Which of the add-ons/theme/script did you like from this weeks selection? Do you have a new one I haven’t posted on yet?

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