Firefox Extensions: Picks of the Week 09-07-14

Firefox 3.5 made it’s way to our computers few days back. As I have been using the beta for a long time, I was just happy to move to the stable version. It definitely is much swifter than 3.0. Let’s look at a few good Firefox add-ons I have found recently.

Firefox Extension Picks

  • FoxyTunes
    FoxyTunes is an excellent add-on that lets you control music playback right from your browser. It lets you see song info, lyrics, artist links, scrolling playlist info, etc. With the latest version, now you can even play YouTube videos right from Foxyunes. This could especially helpful if you use YouTube (has to open in a tab) to play music videos but just listen to the music while you work on something else.
  • Add-on Collector
    With the Mozilla Add-ons page re-design, they introduced Firefox Add-ons Collection. Add-ons Collector is your tool to add to your collections or subscribe to other popular collections. Checkout ShanKrila’s Firefox add-on collections.
  • Page Speed
    If you run a website, you can use Page Speed along with Firebug to see your page load speed and optimize it by identifying the bottlenecks causing the slow load time.
  • Weave Sync
    Weave is Mozilla’s own version of Foxmarks, if you will. Weave not only securely syncs your bookmarks, it can also sync cookies, history and even tabs you have open in with various Firefox installs.
  • Talon Image Capture
    Talon add-on lets you quickly capture images and web pages from your browser. You can cpatue this to your desktop, clipboards or even edit directly in Aviary’s online image editor. The add-on options are available from both right click menu as well as in the toolbar. [via Nirmal]

Greasemonkey Script of the Week

I am in love with this new Google Reader script I am using. I am not a mac user but this script gives your Google Reader a Mac OS X Snow Leopard look. It is one of the cleanerst Google Reader tweak I have ever come across and most updated as well.

It is actually a Stylish script but you can load it into your Greasemonkey add-on as well.

Firefox Theme of the Week

Daum Blue is a cool clean Firefox theme. It is supposedly a simple sky blue theme but it looks a shade of light and dark gray to me. Nevertheless, I love the shades done in the tabs and the rest of the browser as well.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s picks of Firefox add-ons, Greasemonkey script and a Firefox theme. I’ll catch you soon with more picks.

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