Download Best of Free Software As a Bundle with FreeApps

The most tedious part that puts us off from doing that occasional clean re-install of any OS is the time it takes to get it back to how we like our system again.

There are probably a few dozen free and great software that you have found over the years and can’t live without.

FreeApps is a website that makes downloading the best of free and open source apps as a single bundle a breeze. FreeApps is easy, fast and safe to download.


Simply visit and click on the Get Installer to get the best of recommended free apps in a bundle. You could also create an  account and store your own favorite custom list at the site so you can come back to download the same set anytime. Or even share the list the with a friend or family you are playing the tech support.

You can browse through their directory in neat categories and pick the best of free software available. All the software in the bundle are tested to make sure they are free of virus, spyware, adware or any other threats. They are downloaded straight from the vendor’s trusted servers so you can rest easy knowing that.

Make sure you check out a similar free applications bundle site Ninite we reviewed earlier.

At the end of the day, having an installer like this makes re-installing Windows OS on any machine a lot less painful task.

FreeApps is Windows only. You can check out best free apps for Linux and best free apps for Mac OS X if you use those OS flavors.

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One Response to “Download Best of Free Software As a Bundle with FreeApps”

  1. Craig Galway September 3, 2011 at 7:31 am #

    It looks handy, but could use a few more windows apps, image burn and 7zip immediately come to mind.  Do you know of anything like this to save and auto-install all your favorite browser plug-ins and configurations for Firefox or Chrome?  That’s one I’d love to have.