Top FREE Mac OS X Apps [Lifehacker]

We bought out 21.5” Apple iMac earlier this year and couldn’t be happier with it. As an avid lover of free software, I have been slowly accumulating free apps for various stuff for Mac OS X.

I was going to write a list of apps I use and was surprised when I came across this Lifehacker collection of Free Mac OS X apps. A lot of the apps I am using are in this list.


So here is a combined list of free Mac OS X Software


  • QuickSilver – a Launchy like application launcher app that provides easy access to apps, files, iTunes, etc.
  • Bean – Free alternative to editing Microsoft Word files. Open Office is a much more robust solution depending on your needs.
  • Notational Velocity – Fast and free note taking app with search, tags, etc.
  • TextWrangler – An easy to use and capable code editor
  • Gruml – A free full featured  Google Reader desktop client for Mac


  • Firefox/Chrome – Very capable alternatives to Safari browser.
  • Adium – A multi protocol instant messenger app (not so good with audio/video chat)
  • CyberDuck – Client to upload/download files via FTP/SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3 and Google Docs
  • Fluid – Create desktop-like apps for web apps complete witg Growl-notifications, Dock badges, etc.


  • uTorrent/Transmission – Bit torrent clients
  • Burn – A nice alternative to OS X’s built-in burning capabilities.
  • The Unarchiver – Another nice alternative to to the built-in utility.
  • Growl -  Notification utlity that is beautiful as well as integrates with most applications
  • Dropbox – One of the best file multi-OS sync utility with a generous referral program that can increase your free 2GB account.
  • TrashMe – if you want to really clean up after deleting an app, TrashMe is your best friend.
  • WineBottler – Drop any windows .exe file to install and run on Mac.


  • VLC Player – Plays any media format you can throw at it. A must have.
  • SeaShore – A lightweight photo editor for simpler tasks
  • Picasa – If you don’t like iPhoto, Picasa is a great free alternative from Google
  • Handbrake – One of the best video converter apps to make your media files compatible for various devices.
  • Pinta – A multi-os photo editor with layer editing capabilities

Do you have a few free apps of your own, share it in the comments.


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