Quick Tip: Save Google Reader Stories as PDF Documents

Google Reader just introduced a few useful features. They have made it easier to share Google Reader stories in your social mediat sites like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, StumbleUpon, etc.

You can turn this on by going to Google Reader Settings page and selecting the services you want to use.

They also added a very useful option of adding your own service!

Amit of Digital Inspiration took this option and showed how we can use this custom link option to save Google reader stories as a PDF document in your computer. You could choose to email this later or use it as a base for your library of documents for the stuff you are researching on.

How to Save Google Reader Posts as PDF?

  1. Go to Settings in Google Reader
  2. Click on Create a Custom Link and enter the following fields
    Name: Save as PDF
    URL: http://savepageaspdf.pdfonline.com/pdfonline/pdfonline.asp?cURL=${url}
    Icon URL: http://www.adobe.com/lib/com.adobe/template/icon/pdf.gif
  3. That’s it!

Now, you can look for a ‘Send to’ link at the bottom of the Google reader status bar and clicking on that should show you a ‘Save as PDF’ option. You will be taken to the pdfonline.com site where it will generate the pdf and prompt you to save it.

More Google Reader Tips

Amit, in his above post, also shows you how to email yourself the full content of a partial feed. Also you can find how to track your conversations as well as how to update a bunch of social networks with one update.

Google Reader has also made a nice improvement to the ‘Mark as Read’ button. Now, you can Mark as Read – All items, Items older than a day, Items older than a week or Items older than 2 weeks.

Combined with some awesome Google Reader Greasemonkey scripts, I am enjoying my feed reading experience more and more.

Hope you like the new Quick tips section I have been trying out here.

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