iTunes-Like Syncing for the Rest of Us

If you use a iPod or an iPhone, you are probably used to using iTunes to easily sync you music and media to your device.

But, if you are using one of the hundreds of other devices out there and want a simple syncing solution to share your media between computers and multiple devices, DazzBoard looks like a great option.

You could be using mobile phones like Blackberry, one of the HTC Android phones, Nokia or MP3 players like Creative, Sandisk, Sony, etc. And DazzBoard works with a dizzying list of devices.

You can just drag and drop media to share it to your device.


How DazzBoard Works?

DazzBoard is an interesting take on providing sync ability for your devices. Instead of the traditional software, Dazzboard is available as browser plugin for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer on Windows and Safari 4 for Mac OS X.

Dazzboard provides a web based interface where you see your device as soon as you plug it into your computer. Once you have installed the plugin you can drag and drop media back and forth between your computer and the device.

I really like the idea behind Dazzboard as they also provide syncing with social networks and cloud storage services.

If you have been looking for an elegant way to manage your media on your non-Apple devices, take a look at the supported list of devices for Dazzboard here.

Download Dazzboard

[via Lifehacker]


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