Montastic Gets HTTPS Support

Anyone running a website hates to learn that his/her site had been down from a reader or a business contact or a friend. You should be the first one to know that your website went down.

There are plenty of website monitoring services out there. We are gonna look at a simple yet effective website monitoring service I have been using for a while – Montastic.

Be it personal or a business site, Montastic is free to use!

Montastic Features

is a no-frills and free website monitoring service.


  • Sign up for an account and start monitoring your website in a few minutes
  • Get an email when your site goes down
  • Get an email when your site goes up
  • You can also read status via RSS, PC & Mac widgets
  • Monitor upto 100 websites for free
  • Supports HTTPS and port numbers – NEW
  • Sites get monitored atleast every 10 mins
  • Site status is also checked from different locations

Do you run a couple of websites? Get Montastic to monitor your sites and let you know when it goes down.

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