ToodleDo is A Great GTD Oriented Task Manager

I have taken a great interest in Getting Things Done concept after I started listening to the book – David Allen’s Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity book on Audible.

In my quest for a GTD workflow I can implement with the way I work, I needed an online tool that I can access anywhere including easy access on my iPhone. I also needed it to work seamlessly with Google Calendar.

ToodleDo is a web based task manager with a strong inclination towards the Getting Things Done concept. It can be a great tool for those trying to implement this to improve their productivity.

ToodleDo is available as a free version and a subscription based PRO and PRO Plus versions. We are going to look at the free version and then see what the extra paid options offer you.


ToodleDo Free Features

  • Easy to use online task organizer
  • Use folders, contexts, due dates, priorities, status, time estimates to your tasks
  • Hotlist features that intelligently groups tasks that you should be looking at
  • Email and SMS reminders for tasks
  • Sort, slice and dice your tasks by different filters
  • View by projects, contexts, due dates, status, priority, etc.
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Import your tasks from a variety of tools – Palm OS PDA, Microsoft Outlook, Apple’s iCal and even other online todo lists like Remember the Milk, Voo2do, etc.
  • Public sharing of your todo list
  • Short term and long term goals
  • Take notes and keep them organized in folders
  • History of your tasks – helpful when you need to fill in timesheets
  • To-Do list booklet printer lets you print your todo list to fold and put in your pocket
  • Excellent extensions for mobile phones, email import/export, Firefox add-on, Google gadgets, Twitter,  iCal, etc.

As you can see most casual users will be more than happy with the free features offered by ToodleDo. Yet, you can see if upgrading to a PRO will help increase your productivity.

ToodleDo Pro Features ($14.95/year)

  • Subtasks, stats and scheduler
  • Collaboration, Goal progress, secure encrypted connections
  • Customizable booklets
  • Full history (upto 2 years rentention_
  • More sort options
  • Enhanced reminders/alarms
  • Longer tracking of account activity
  • Priority support

ToodleDo Pro Plus Features ($29.95/year)

In addition to the Pro features you get,

  • 5GB of file storage with tasks
  • Completed tasks are retained forever

If you would like to compare ToodleDo with it’s competitors this chart put together by ToodleDo could help you a little.

I have owned PRO account in Remember the Milk just to get access to it on my iPhone. But, I kind of jumped shipped after being with RTM for a long time. I am going to give ToodleDo a try for a while.

If you have an iPhone you plan on using with the online tool, check out the ToodleDo iPhone app review in our sister iPhone blog. Pocket Informant iPhone app also integrates with ToodleDo,

I am using ToodleDo along with the Pomodoro technique and it is working wonders to my productivity lately.

If you are a Mac user and mostly use Apple products and services, we are going to look at a premium productivity tool – OmniFocus very soon here. stay tuned.

3 Responses to “ToodleDo is A Great GTD Oriented Task Manager”

  1. Brian February 11, 2011 at 1:20 pm #

    I was curious how you are using Toodledo and the Pomodoro Technique together? I’ve considered using the Length field in Toodledo in 30 min increments to represent Pomodoros but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I’m struggling with how to use the two together. Thanks for any info you can provide on your system!



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