Top iPhone Resource blog launches along with iPhone

iphone Launching TodayWithout a doubt, one of the most exciting moments in the gadget world is today’s Apple iPhone launch. Scores of people across the United States are already in line for the official launch today at 6:00 PM.

I have written my thoughts about iPhone here a few weeks back. But, I am closely following the happenings around iPhone and find myself drawn to it like a bug to the night lamp. When I follow something or read something that may be useful to my readers I share it here. But, I don’t want to dilute the content here with a lot of talk about iPhone even if it is a technology that would be a part of our daily lives if we end up getting an iPhone.

So, a new blog has born to talk just about everything under the sun about iPhone.

With great pleasure, I present to you our Top iPhone Resource blog. I am aiming it to be a ‘one stop shop for iPhone tips, news, tutorials, accessories information, iPhone apps, etc’. This will be a niche site focused on an iPhone user and hope to be an invaluable resource with new content added everyday.

To get continuous updates on iPhone related posts at , consider subscribing to Top iPhone Resource feed.

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