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Stop Magicjack From Popping Up In Your Screen

Stop Magicjack From Popping Up In Your Screen

I love Magicjack. Where else can you get unlimited long distance for $20/year? If you haven’t tried it yet, check out my Magicjack review. If you used Magicjack, you know you get a dialer in your desktop or laptop where you have the Magicjack software installed. One annoying thing about it is that, even when […]

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MagicJack Gets Laptop Friendly Setting

MagicJack Gets Laptop Friendly Setting

MagicJack is the VOIP phone service that costs $20/year for long distance phone calls. I have written a MagicJack review a while back and have been using it for almost over 18 months happily. In a recent MagicJack software update, I noticed something that will make the road warriors very happy! One great thing about […]

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Gmail Gets More Netbook Friendly

Gmail Gets More Netbook Friendly

Google is definitely taking the Netbook space seriously. Netbooks are great for their portability but running Windows XP on it with limited hardware resources can be really painful. Google recognizes this and recently announced the open source Google Chrome OS aimed squarely at Netbooks. It is an extension of its Mobile OS platform – Android […]

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iPhone 3G S Launch day and Top iPhone Resource

iPhone 3G S Launch day and Top iPhone Resource

Yes, another iPhone 3G S post in your feed reader today. But, before you move on to the next feed I want to tell you that this is not all about iPhone 3G S. It’s no secret today is the iPhone 3G S launch day! We are getting blitzed by the media with news about […]

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Zumo Drive – Online File Sync With a Twist

Zumo Drive differs here by moving the data to the cloud – a server in the Internet. Now, you can see this data across all your computeres/devices just like it is on your local drive.

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Free International Calls to 30+ Countries with Talkster

We have seen many services like Jajah, Freedom phone, etc., that offered FREE international calling. Talkster is the new kid on the free international calls market and looks very promising. You can call your friends or family in 30+ international destinations for FREE with Talkster. How it works You can call your friends from your […]

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Friday Fun: Free Automated Call Back from GetMooh

It’s been a while since I did the Friday Fun post! I have found a funny yet useful-in-a-weird-situation kind of service I wanna tell you about. GetMooh.com is an automated call back service. And what do they propose they can do? help you escape from a date  get you out of sticky social situation take […]

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iPhone 3G Arrives and Top iPhone Resource Revived

Yes, we took the plunge and got our hands on our new 16GB iPhone 3G (white) this morning. I had announced the launch of our new blog Top iPhone Resource with the release of 1st gen iPhone but I ended up not getting it at that time. Now, with us getting our own iPhone 3g, […]

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AT&T Gets Greedy with iPhone 3G Pricing

After weeks of rumours and guesses sorrounding the release of Apple iPhone 3G on July 11, AT&T has finally revealed its pricing plan. As you’d expect, I am not happy. And so aren’t a lot of people. Here’s the lowdown: You can get an iPhone 3G 8gb for $199 or 16gb for $299 only for […]

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Evernote – Google Notebook Done Better.. Way Better

Last week, I reviewed a cool file sharing web application in private beta – DropBox. I have had a chance to get a sneak peek at another cool web application, Evernote, in the last few weeks. It’s quickly replacing my need for Google Notebook and I find it worth the hassle to login to yet […]

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Wesabe Goes Mobile

Wesabe has been my favorite online money management tool for a long time. if you haven’t heard, you can read my review of Wesabe and in fact check out others reviews tagged with the same name. If you are a Wesabe user with an Internet enabled mobile or someone looking for an online money management […]

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ShanKri-la goes Mobile with Mofuse

ShanKri-la goes Mobile with Mofuse

Mofuse is a web service that lets you instantly create a mobile version for any blog or RSS-enabled website. Quick facts about Mofuse You can track visitors to your mobile version Anyone can create a mobile version for any RSS enabled website or blog You can Brand your site with custom logo Option to integrate […]

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Good Reads: Buzz in Blogs 2007-09-26

Sorry for the slow posting this week. I have been resting a lot this week and looks like for another week to come. In spite of the free time I have had in the past few days, I couldn’t bring myself to get on my laptop. I have been catching up on some movies and […]

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Free iPhone Unlock Software Released

Unlocking Apple’s iPhone has been an obsession for a lot of hackers since it’s release. Engadget reported that the race between various groups of open source hackers may be over with the release of the first free, open source iPhone SIM unlock app. More recent reports from Engadget says that the iPhoneDev team has released […]

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iPod Touch, a great alternative for iPhone?

iPod Touch, a great alternative for iPhone?

Without a doubt, iPhone is a great piece of work. I love its revolutionary touch interface, the wi-fi capability and the large widescreen display. You can read more about my views on it here. I love the iPod nano and used it a lot before I got my SonyEricsson w810i. It is from the Sony […]

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