Share And Review Documents Online With Crocodoc

You might recollect an excellent note taking service by a group MIT alumni – WebNotes. The same people now bring us another cool web service to help collaborate on documents online easily.


What is Crocodoc?

Sharing and reviewing documents and presentations with others can be quite a pain. Crocodoc was built to change that, alleviating the need to email attachments back and forth, print and pass around hard copies, or install expensive collaboration software.

Crocodoc takes your PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations, and lets you view and mark them up online. Documents can be shared with others, who can collaboratively highlight or strikeout text, add notes and comments, and make revisions. All files are stored securely on our servers, and can be password protected and encrypted for maximum security.

It is incredible that you can easily upload and share documents with your peers or friends online for free without even having to create an account.

You can create Sticky notes in the document, highlight and do some additions, etc. Check out the demo here to give it a whirl.


However, if you want to keep track of documents you uploaded and use password protected sharing, etc. you could signup for a Crocodoc Pro account. Here are the features you get with the Pro account

  • Password protected sharing
  • Enhanced security with SSL encryption
  • View and manage document histories
  • Priority technical support

Corocodoc Pro account  costs $8/month or $36 year. But, you can start using the free Crocodoc without even creating an account right now.

Sharing and Collaborating with Google Documents might suit for most people but Crocodoc offers some nice collaboration features missing in Google Docs. If you have used Webnotes, you will feel right at home with Crocodoc as well.

Let us know how you like it.

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