Deauthorize Audible Account – A Detailed How to

Audible is one of the best audiobook subcription service out there. Period.

One of the most attractive features is that it works so well with iTunes. However, if you are trying to add a new device or remove, or move your iTunes to a new computer you just bought deauthorize Audible account could be sheer pain.

If you search for audible deauthorize, you will see you are not alone with this issue.

Here is a little background on this obscure problem for those who are encountering it for the first time. Audible audiobooks integrate nicely with iTunes on Windows or Mac. However, the audiobooks you download can be listened to only on limited number of authorized computers.

So, if you either added a new computer or an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to your mix and want to listen audibly audiobooks then you have to deauthorize login from one of the old machines. This is the same concept with how Apple restricts iTunes Home Sharing feature to just 5 computers. Similarly you have to deauthorize audible account from one of your computers before you can use in a new one.

To refresh your memory on how you got this option in iTunes, you probably selected this option when you installed AudibleManager.

Here is how you do it

  • Open iTunes
  • Go to Advanced -> Deauthorize Audible Account option
  • Enter your login

That’s it. You should be able to authorize another machine with your account. But, be careful not to confuse yourself with the ‘Deauthorize computer’ option in iTunes store menu. That will disable iTunes Home Sharing for you and you won’t be able to share music, books, apps between iTunes in your home network.

Check out this free audiobook here and sign up for a free audible account if your don’t have one. They have some of the best audiobooks collections.

Did I mention that Amazon recently bought Audible!

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