Firefox Extensions: Picks of the Week 2007-10-24

I am sure you are ready for another dose of some brand new and useful Firefox add-ons. As always, some of these make it to my Top Firefox Extensions list that I update frequently.

The picks reflect the ones I am trying currently or find useful enough to share. After a month or so if I still find the add-on useful, it makes it to the Top Firefox Extensions list.

  • Readeroo – A sweet extension for bookmarking service users to help with catching up on reading stuff that you come across when you have the time to read. Simply add pages to with the Readeroo button with a ‘toread’ tag. When you have the time to read, use the Readeroo button to read articles and they will be marked with ‘donereading’ tag.
  • Meebo – The online Instant Messenger application that lets sign into multiple IM’s like GChat, Yahoo, MSN from one interface, Meebo has come to Firefox’s sidebar as an extension. Great for people with widescreen monitors. I like the visual cues when I get chat messages and the ability to drag and drop links to share with my buddies.
  • SafeCache – Protects you from cache based web privacy attacks. Released by Stanford University’s security research team. [via]
  • SafeHistory – Protects you from visted-links-based tracking techniques by remote sites. By the same security reasearch team.
  • Edit Cookies – Update, add or edit cookies live. One for the power user to be used for website testing. It has a nice interface to search cookies by site, etc.
  • AutoComplete Manager – If you like the current Firefox’s native auto completetion feature, you’ll be blown away by this extensions features. Searches bookmark address, names & titles, matches anywhere in the address not just the beginning. Checkout the extensions page for complete feature list as they are too many to list them all here. [via Lifehacker]
  • InstantBird – It’s a multi-client instant messenger plugin and not an extension built on Mozilla’s platform. I’m really excited about this one as developers could write add-ons for it just like Firefox add-ons and the possibilities are endless.

Hope you find a Firefox add-on on or two that you find useful in this week’s list. Also, there is an Extend Firefox Contest going on that ends in December’07. I am looking forward to this mega contests where 3 winners are going to get some snazzy prizes. Winners are to be announced on Jan 15 2008.

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5 Responses to “Firefox Extensions: Picks of the Week 2007-10-24”

  1. Skyephoenix October 24, 2007 at 4:35 pm #

    Great ideas…but i’m a n00b i guess – how can I paste the scripts to work in Google reader or w/e?

  2. K October 25, 2007 at 2:42 am #

    Skyephoenix.. I’m not sure which scripts you are referring to. I would love to help you out if you can elaborate a little on what you are trying to help. And don’t worry.. I’m not really writing for geeks! 😀

  3. Troy October 27, 2007 at 3:25 pm #

    Can I suggest adding LeechBlock? It’s an extension that allows you to limit time spend checking your email, reading Slashdot, etc… Makes getting things done much easier!

  4. skyephoenix October 29, 2007 at 5:12 am #

    My boss will love that! thanks, I’m checking it out.
    Ooh now I show Mac icon, will it show Ubuntu on Tues? The suspense….

  5. K October 30, 2007 at 4:40 am #

    Troy.. great to see you again! 🙂 I have mentioned LeechBlock in one of my previous picks and I think it is a very useful time management extension. Sometimes, I catch myself losing an hour or two with just my Gmail & Google Reader. 🙂