Open Remember the Milk in Your Browser Sidebar

In the last couple of weeks, we saw how to run Google Calendar & Google Docs in your Firefox sidebar. Now, let’s see how we can my favorite online task manager in a browser sidebar.

For those unaware, Remember the Milk is an excellent online task manager with awesome features. Remember the Milk (RTM) for Gmail Firefox extension made it possible to have Remember the Milk open in a sidebar right within Gmail. And I love the implementation.

But, not all of us use Gmail or have Gmail open all day to access Remember the Milk anytime. No worries though. You can have it open in the sidebar anytime by using the url for iGoogle gadget for RTM.

RTM in Sidebar

Just create a bookmark named something like ‘RTM in sidebar’ with the url and check the ‘load in sidebar‘ option. The iGoogle gadget version doesn’t have the full blown features of the Gmail Firefox extension but it is simple enough to quickly check tasks and add tasks.

RTM in Sidebar2

I like this option for the rare times when I don’t have my Gmail open. I can see how this could be a great option if you don’t use Gmail or just don’t have it open all the time.

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