Roku Introducing New HD Capable Device

Playstation 3 owners like myself are ecstatic that Netflix instant streaming to PS3 is finally coming. PS3 owners can stream media from their computer to their television with media servers like Tversity.

If you don’t have a Playstation 3 or a similar device, you could still get Netflix Instant Movie streaming to your TV with a device like Roku.

Netflix ‘Watch Instantly’ movies and tv shows selection is available to anyone with a Netflix subscription of $9.99 or more.

Roku is a set top box that enables you to easily watch Netflix streaming content on your TV. You just plug Roku into your TV and connect to your home network wirelessly or via a wired connection.


Roku has introduced more options with their set-top box line now.

Roku SD

This is the economical version of Roku that is perfect for someone with no plans for a HDTV in the near future. It costs $79.99 and can handle standard definition (SD) content – DVD quality video nicely.

It sports a wireless and wired connection.

Roku HD

The next version up is $99.99 and it supports High Definition (SD) video content. Also, it has support for optical audio output for surround sound systems and sports a HDMI connector.

Roku HD-XR

The top of the line version Roku HD-XR is $129.99 sports support for Wireless-N networks with extended range. (compatible with b/g/n)

Roku Channel Store

Roku also plans to bring content from Amazon video on demand,,, etc as channels into their Roku store. They are said to be planning to have upto 10 channels by the end of the year.

Roku offers a low entry point to get streaming video into your living room compared to other offerings such as a Playstation 3, XBox 360 or Apple TV.

Even though Netflix’s streaming movie collection isn’t nothing to write home about, we can already get a glimpse of what the future has in store for our living room.

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