TVersity – Free & Awesome Media Server

With blazing fast home Internet and humongous space in external hard drives and laptop hard drives, the amount of digital media we accumulate is insane.

We have gigabytes and gigabytes of pictures, videos, movies, music videos, home videos, etc in our hard drives.

Media Servers made it possible to stream your digital content to your TV in your living room and bedroom and watch movies online.

But, Windows Media Server is not that great and it costs money. And there are excellent free alternatives like – TVersity.


TVersity is a free media server that streams media from your PC to anywhere you wish!

If you have a XBox or Playstation 3, they can detect a media server in your home network and automatically talk to TVersity. And you can stream all your digital content to your television without lifting a finger!

In fact, Tversity can stream to just about any networked device, even an iPhone!ย  It can transcode any video format to a format palatable by these devices which can be picky about the codes they support.


How to Setup TVersity?

You can have this up and running in no time. Seriously. No rocket-science technical knowledge needed.

  • Download TVersity to your computer
  • Install Tversity and all the software that it comes with it – like the transcoding part.
  • Select the folders and files you want to choose
  • Use your Xbox or Playstation 3 to watch your media in your TV!
  • Setup labels and tags so you can find your media easily
  • Tversity transcodes your media on the fly and streams it for you

What Can You Stream?

Tversity can stream

  • Your pictures
  • Your videos including those old movies you have
  • Internet content like Youtube channels, Media RSS Feeds, Flickr, etc.
  • Podcasts, Video podcasts, etc.

Access Your Media from Internet

  • Tversity streams by default on port 41952
  • Forward this port in your router
  • Find your ip address of your home computer
  • Now point your browser to http://<your-ip>:41952 and browse your home media!

TVersity is an excellent and free alternative to paid versions of Media Servers in the market. You can definitely get a taste of the future of your living room with TVersity.

Plus, TVersity also features acts a Personal Entertainment Guide by letting your organize your home media as well as Internet media in one place with tags and labels.

Download TVersity

Now, go enjoy the new found freedom in your living room.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

Update: Just learnt from my friend Murali, that you could run Tversity for Wii as well.

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8 Responses to “TVersity – Free & Awesome Media Server”

  1. Reisefreund April 3, 2009 at 4:59 am #

    thanks alot for sharing the nice server with us, looks very useful i should tryout it maybe its good for my business.


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