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Good Reads: Buzz in Blogs 2008-03-02

We had a nice relaxing weekend this week and I am just sitting down to sharing some good finds I bookmarked this week. 7 Interesting and Useful Things to do with your USB Pen Drive – Shankar Ganesh of Killer Tech Tips Have a usb flash drive in your keychain? Check out this post from […]

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Good Reads: Buzz in Blogs 2008-02-24

Good Reads: Buzz in Blogs 2008-02-24

Sorry I went missing for a couple of days. I really should consider writing some posts ahead of time for days such as this but it feels like going to the dentist. I just love to write at the spur of the moment. Top Commentators Edition I decided to see what’s being written by our […]

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Good Reads: Buzz in Blogs 2008-01-22

I have my greatest respect to those who are diligent in writing posts everyday for their blogs. I have so far stuck to a schedule that works for me which 4-5 posts a week and sometimes more. I absolutely love blogging but I do that in spare time after work and in weekends. I have […]

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Good Reads: Buzz in Blogs 07-12-31

Sorry I have gone missing a little this week. I have been swamped with my day job and a little re-design I have been working on for ShanKri-la. Watch out for a post on that front this week. I do however have some very interesting reads for you this morning. Free Screen Sharing and Remote […]

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Good Reads: Buzz in Blogs 07-12-16

I was just going through my Google Reader starred items and found these gems that I wanted to share with you. Enjoy! Caution: Online MD5 Cracker Tool – Ryan of CybetNet News MD5 is a popular encoding used widely for encrypting passwords. It is scary to find out that these MD5 encryptions could be hacked. […]

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Good Reads: Buzz in Blogs 2007-10-18

Let’s look at what’s going on around the blogs this week. How to Setup up Google Custom Search for your Web Search to Make Money: Maki at Dosh Dosh has a great post on how to setup Google Custom Searchfor your blog search. He shows how you can use it to make money but I […]

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Good Reads: Buzz in Blogs 2007-09-26

Sorry for the slow posting this week. I have been resting a lot this week and looks like for another week to come. In spite of the free time I have had in the past few days, I couldn’t bring myself to get on my laptop. I have been catching up on some movies and […]

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Good Reads: Buzz in Blogs 2007-08-18

Good Reads: Buzz in Blogs 2007-08-18

It’s time to take a look around and see what’s happening around us. Review of GreatNews RSS Reader: Neely of NutShell JournalIt’s no secret to my readers that I am a fan of GreatNews RSS reader, a portable and versatile feed reader. Neely  found that my reasons for using Desktop feed reader compelling enough to […]

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Good Reads: Buzz in Blogs 2007-07-13

As the name suggests I come across such quality posts by fellow bloggers every day. I am going to a roundup post every week so we can hopefully have a discussion about the various topics. This will also encourage fellow bloggers to provide more useful content by giving them a link from here as well […]

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