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Top Web Applications Best Suited for Mozilla Prism

Mozilla Prism, previously known as WebRunner, is a great application that splits the web applications from the browser and lets you run them from your desktop. Although in it’s infancy, Prism is already very useful for me and I use it for a variety of web applications that I need open throughout the day. If […]

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Mozilla’s Geode Brings GeoLocation to Firefox 3

With our recent iPhone 3g purchase, it has been awesome to use GPS based iPhone apps that can find your location and suggest things you are looking for around you. The variety of apps that make use of this feature is just mind boggling. I could look up movies, restaurants, stores, etc right from our […]

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Weave: Firefox Bookmark & Passwords Sync Add-on

Weave: Firefox Bookmark & Passwords Sync Add-on

I use Xmarks Firefox add-on (formerly Foxmarks) to keep my Firefox bookmarks, saved passwords, etc in sync between multiple computers. Xmarks works like a charm in doing this and I love it. What is Weave Sync? Weave Sync is a prototype from Mozilla that encrypts and securely synchronizes your ‘Firefox experience’ across multiple computers. The […]

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Mozilla Prism Renews Interest with 1.0 Beta

Mozilla Prism Renews Interest with 1.0 Beta

Mozilla Prism brings web applications to your desktop blurring the lines between web apps and desktop apps. Prism is based on the same technology as Firefox browser but is designed to run your web applications just like its desktop counterparts. It gives you the best of both worlds letting you access apps from anywhere in […]

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3 Great Ways to Run Gmail From Desktop

3 Great Ways to Run Gmail From Desktop

In this post, we are going to look at 3 different ways of detaching Gmail from your browser and running Gmail as if it were a desktop application.

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Snowl – Messaging in Firefox from Mozilla Labs

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Mozilla Labs projects besides being a huge fan of Firefox. We have seen some successful and exciting projects from Mozilla Labs like Mozilla Prism – the technology that lets you run web applications like desktop applications away from your browser, Mozilla Geode – that can bring […]

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Evernote – Google Notebook Done Better.. Way Better

Last week, I reviewed a cool file sharing web application in private beta – DropBox. I have had a chance to get a sneak peek at another cool web application, Evernote, in the last few weeks. It’s quickly replacing my need for Google Notebook and I find it worth the hassle to login to yet […]

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GTalk Gadget + Prism = GTalk Alternative for Linux and Mac Users?

It’s no secret GTalk client is for Windows only. Linux and Mac users have so far sought out other IM alternatives thanks to GTalk using Jabber protocol for their IM client. I use openSuSE 10.3 as my primary desktop and have had trouble getting some of the excellent IM clients like Pidgin to work behind […]

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